This report provides a decade-long vision for the field of fusion energy and plasma science and presents a path to a promising future of new scientific discoveries, industrial applications, and, ultimately, the delivery of fusion energy. We identify critical areas for research and development and prioritize investments to maximize impact. The research community worked for more than a year to develop a wealth of creative ideas designed to accelerate fusion energy and advance plasma science. The effort culminated in the consensus Community Planning Process report. Our work is based heavily on that report, and we extend our sincere gratitude to our colleagues for their efforts. Following the research community’s lead, we worked through consensus to generate this report. Many ideas were heard and were thoughtfully deliberated until a shared view on each issue emerged. This process allowed us to discuss and appreciate our different points of view and come to consensus language. Ultimately, we speak with one voice in conveying a vision for a vibrant program that will bring significant benefit to society.

Troy Carter, chair
University of California, Los Angeles

Arianna Gleason
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Rajesh Maingi
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Erik Trask
TAE Technologies

Scott Baalrud
University of Iowa

Christopher Holland
University of California, San Diego

David Schaffner
Bryn Mawr College

François Waelbroeck
University of Texas, Austin

Riccardo Betti
University of Rochester

Paul Humrickhouse
Idaho National Laboratory

Oliver Schmitz
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Anne White
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tyler Ellis
Commonwealth Fusion Systems

Charles Kessel
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Uri Shumlak
University of Washington

Don Rej, ex officio
Los Alamos National Laboratory, retired

Cameron Geddes
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Tammy Ma
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Wayne Solomon
General Atomics